Change Something

Have you ever felt like you’re stuck in a place that you don’t want to be in? The answer is simple… get out of it.

A lot of people have told me that I think differently than others. At first, I didn’t know if this was a good thing or if they were mocking me! I am pretty sure now that it is a good thing and here’s why…

I’ve never had a lack of determination and still cannot understand why some people do.  My determination and will to do things I like to do has put me where I am today. Comfortable, successful, and overall happy.

Why spend your days being unhappy about your job, your boyfriend, your life?!  It bores me to death hearing others complain about their jobs, etc. as if they have no choice in the matter.  Hello! You put yourself there. In the place you are standing that makes you so unhappy. No one is nailing your feet to the ground but you.  So pull those nails out and brush it off!

Change something My mom used to tell me that if I was angry/upset about something, then change it.  It is really that easy.

This is where the excuses start to pour in. It’s ok, I’m used to hearing them and everyone has one.  When you’re finished listing off all of the reasons why you can’t do something, start thinking about what you can do.

Everyone has something they’re good at or loves to do… that’s what makes us unique people. What Annie might be good at, you might suck at. No one said you have to do what Annie does. Find something that makes you happy, and go from there.

My fellow artists and crafters should understand this one.  You create because it makes you happy and you are probably good at it. With the right determination, you could turn your hobby into a success. Now think about those other artists/crafters who just plain produce hideous stuff. (Sorry, but we all know they’re out there!).  Do you think these people actually LOVE what they do? I mean really LOVE it so much that every detail and every bit of energy put into their ‘project’ shows?  Obviously not.  These are prime examples of someone trying to do something they’re just not good at, because Annie does it and is successful.

Just try. That’s all you have to do. If you fail, try something else.  Stop thinking negatively about all of your problems and look for a positive.  If you can’t find a positive in the situation, then get out of it.

photo credit: sma_kee

office tour!

I cleaned up my office today and started snapping pics.  Then I figured, why not share my happy place with all of you!?  I spend 3/4 of my day in here, working away.  I painted it a super bright turquoise for two reasons… One, because it’s my favourite colour (duh!), and two, because it is a HAPPY colour! It’s strange how colours can affect your mood isn’t it?  I wanted the room I spend the majority of my time in to be a HAPPY PLACE!  I read somewhere that blue tones make you lose weight… not sure if that’s the truth or not but if it is, all the more reason to paint in blues!  This is my favourite room of the house! Enjoy my little photo tour and don’t forget to enter my giveaway for a $25 shop credit!

Sunday, Lazy Sunday…

Dustin and I went to check out what was available at the garden center earlier. We found an awesome apple tree that grows four different kinds of apples… yes FOUR! I had never heard of this before, and didn’t even know it was possible haha. We were set to bring it home but changed our minds as we were leaving. I’m kinda wishing we picked it up now… oh well!

After that, we visited this cute little consignment shop that is located in a super old log house that must be about 100 years old. It’s the coolest location and when you walk inside you can just feel how old it is! Exposed wood beams, narrow staircase, a cricketty old wood floor. I love it!

Does anyone else remember those crazy little fluffy haired clowns?!  That totally brought back some memories for me… I used to collect those when I was little!  

We picked up a few other fun things, like a badminton net and “outdoor sport set” (lol) for our company next weekend. It is Canada Day after all you know 😉  It’s like our 4th of July.

On the way home I spotted a license plate that made me chuckle…

Perfect for a convertible!!! (although, I’m pretty sure the X with the S at the end makes it read as “rainsuck’s” haha, but whatever floats your boat…).

Can I also just tell you how excited I am that Canada Post has been forced back to work!! WOOWOO!!! That means mail should be resuming tomorrow (edit: Tuesday), which means I can start shipping orders again and we can finally hear back about Dustin’s immigration status!  SO EXCITED!!!

How did you spend the weekend!?

A chair makeover…

This chair was in my family for as long as I can remember, and it was
always hideous.  It had the ugliest forest green velvet make-do seat on
it, and was not even usable due to a broken frame. This picture was
taken after I furiously ripped off the old nasty seat, and spent about 2
hours fixing the frame so it was sturdy once again. 

After sanding and painting, it needed a new seat.  I grabbed whatever
cushioning I could find, and created this one with some super cute
fabric that was stolen from a wrap sweater I once created.  Nail head
studs were added to finish it all off.

This old chair now has a fresh outlook on life, and will last twice as
long.  Not only does it look cute and fit my decor, but I can actually

Dear Canada Post Union…

You are really making it hard to like you right now. I would always get excited about picking up the mail… mostly because I order a million things a week… but you just HAD to strike during one of the most important mail deliveries I’ve been waiting for.

You see, I’ve been waiting for this particular letter for almost three years now.  It is the response from Immigration Canada regarding my fiance’s permanent resident status.  After all of the applications and the waiting… and re-doing lost applications… and more waiting…  I finally got notice that they had reached a decision and would be mailing me that decision earlier this month.

Well, thanks to you, Canada Post Union, my future with the love of my life is currently tied up somewhere in your mail system for an unknown amount of time.  

So, thanks for meddling with other people’s lives, for no reason, all because you are unhappy with your employment crap. Here’s a good idea… if you are unhappy at your job, QUIT!


mustache love

If you haven’t read my about me page, you might not know that Dustin is a US citizen who has been trying to get his permanent residency here since… forever it seems.  The most frustrating part? He only lived right across the border from me. A couple hour car ride and that’s it. We’ve been waiting on this so he can get a job, we can get married, and we can have a honeymoon somewhere OUTSIDE of Canada.

The other most frustrating part? They give applicants who apply for their PR card from outside of Canada first priority and they are usually able to live here within 2 months from submitting their application.  How does this make any sense? Here we are, a happy in love couple, a guy who WANTS to be able to contribute to the country he’s been LIVING in for almost 3 years, yet it takes so long.  I mean, he’s already here!  Give him his card dammit!

Of course the strike has to happen at the exact same time we’re supposed to hear back. It’s almost laughable in a way… like one last kick in the balls to end it right.  Anyways, we still don’t even know what the decision is… so please cross your fingers and toes that it’s good news and we can stop all of this w a i t i n g . . . .


A Walk Through The Woods

I love my backyard. It’s a forest. Walking through it is so calming.  The inner kid in me is so tempted to see if I could make it across those fallen trees to get to the other side of the river (hehe).  and of course how can I not love that little face waiting for my return!
boots: jeffrey campbell.

Sofa Makeover

Yesterday was a pretty exciting day.  I received my custom slipcovers from Bemz which were going to make my old, worn, ginormous couch NEW again!

Back about 5 years ago, I purchased this Ikea corner sofa which has always fit perfectly into any place I’ve lived in.  I love this couch… the size, how it fits 2938293 people, and surprisingly, how the structure of it all has held up over the years (you know, being Ikea and all).  The only thing that had been driving me CRAZY was how worn the fabric had become, and even after washing it consistently there came a point where the wash was just not doing anything for it anymore.  Oh the joys of a white couch!

alright, so it doesn’t look too bad from this far away…

See what I mean?  These edges just wouldn’t come clean anymore…

 Oh, and of course there’s the fact that my devil cat took a liking to the corner arm *mad*:

ok, this is just embarrassing now….

But WHERE was I going to find something to cover up this out-of-production super-hard-to-find Ikea sofa?  None of the other sofas I came across were this size, or they all had a price tag of a million dollars.

BEMZ TO THE RESCUE!!!  They make custom slipcovers for tons of Ikea model furniture.  I found out about Bemz a long long time ago, (and guess what, they were the ONLY place that sold slipcovers for my actual sofa style!) but I never had the courage to order because I was scared about all of those dreaded customs fees (slipcover would have ended up being double what I would pay… at that rate, why NOT just buy a new couch?).  THANKFULLY, they switched their shipping methods around a bit so that there would be NO CUSTOMS FEES! WOOWOO!  When I noticed this announcement on their website, I ordered right away. The hardest part was trying to decide on a colour.  Definitely couldn’t put myself through the torture of keeping a white or light-coloured couch clean again!  After much pondering, I went with the Graphite Grey, for it’s ability to pretty much go with any other colours, and boy am I glad I did!

the evil kitty returns… i’ve got my eye on you!

I don’t think you understand how happy I am with this!!! It’s like we have a brand new sofa, for a fraction of the cost!  Oh, don’t mind the unfinished coffee table…. D made it, and it’s getting some stain and paint today 😉

I LOOOOVE my new couch!  Everything fit perfectly, and I was surprised at how well made everything is!!!  Seriously, if you’re in the market to dress up your Ikea furniture, even if you just want a little update, check out Bemz!!

 p.s. Continue to share my facebook page! that giveaway is coming up!

How To Dye Buttons

I ran into a dilemma last week.  I was completely out of a specific colour of buttons and I needed some ASAP!  After frantically searching the internet for the exact same buttons (same size, same colour, same shape) I came out empty handed.

I was at my wits end when I decided that the only route to take would be to dye some existing buttons I had in a different colour that were the exact same shape and size.   After doing some research, I found out that RIT dye was pretty much the only dye that would work on plastic buttons properly.

Then came my adventure to find said dye in my little town.  Five stops and 4 phone calls later… thanks to stores directing me to other stores, who directed me to other stores… I finally found my RIT dye!  As luck would have it (eyeroll), they didn’t have the colour I needed, but I managed to grab a couple of alternate colours to mix.

When I got home I started on it.  Before I begin my little tutorial though, I wanted to explain some things I learned as I was attempting this.  The directions I was going by said to mix the dye with hot water and let the buttons sit in it for 2 to 5 minutes.  So I did this. And nothing really happened. The buttons changed colour only slightly and after about 5 attempts with different dye-to-water ratios, I was about to call it a bust.  That’s when I started thinking about the “hot water” step.  There was some reason that the water had to be hot… so I started over with the goal of making the solution BOILING HOT and keeping it that way until the buttons were done. Well, guess what… it WORKED AMAZINGLY!  On to the tutorial…

You will need:

  • Lightly coloured plastic or nylon buttons
  • Newspaper
  • Rubber gloves
  • RIT dye (powder or liquid)
  • A non-sentimental mug or dish
  • Tinfoil
  • Microwave
  • Plastic spoon
  • Paper towels
  • Water

Step One

Prepare your area with newspaper because things are gonna get messy!  Wear some rubber gloves to protect your hands.  Then grab some white or lightly coloured buttons. Mine were a very light pink:

Step Two
Line a bowl or a mug with tinfoil.  Use a dish that you don’t care about, because it WILL get dye on it. Unfortunately there was little way around this even when lined with tinfoil.  I decided to use tinfoil to help “trap” the heat.

Step Three
Take a plastic microwaveable bowl and fill it with water.  Pop it into the microwave for about 2 minutes or until you can actually see it boiling.  This is SO important that you have the hottest water! Be careful taking it out!

Step Four
Grab your Rit dye!  Pour the boiling water into your tinfoil lined mug or dish.  Add your dye.  I used about a tablespoon for a mug full of water.  Your buttons will be darker if you add more dye, or lighter if you add more water.  I used green and navy dyes to make a dark teal shade.

Step Five
Add your buttons to the mix, and stir! If you can, try to keep the buttons separated because I noticed that if you have a lot of buttons in there at once, and they clump together, you get weird un-dyed bits of pattern on some of them.

Step Six
Cover your boiling hot mug or dish with another piece of tinfoil.  I did this to “trap” in the heat.  Leave the buttons for a few minutes, stirring occasionally to mix them around a bit.

Step Seven
When they get to a shade you like, pull them out with a plastic spoon!  Rinse them all off under cold water with a little dish soap. 

(These ones were a little too “green” for my liking so i popped them back into some navy dye afterwards)

New buttons!!  Give it a try and let me know if it worked for you!  Just remember: heat is the key!  I would have tried this on the stove in a pot if I wasn’t so scared of ruining everything with dye, but the tinfoil definitely helped hold the heat!


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