Cute Cases For The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus!

With the announcement of the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus yesterday, I am thrilled to share The New Standard cases that are now available for any of my phone case designs over at Casetify. These new cases were specially made for the new version of iPhones and include added protection and customizable bumper colours. I personally think that the light pink bumper looks amazing with the upcoming Rose Gold iPhone 6s!!

Just like the previous Bezel Bold and Metaluxe cases, you can change out the back plates of The New Standard cases whenever you want to mix up your phone’s look!

Casetify is sure this time that they’ve made their most durable case yet! You can pre-order your own now and it will ship out early October.  View all of my Wonder Forest designs here and remember to take $10 off your first purchase with code X469YF! As always, the designs are available for many phone models (not just iPhones!). You can select your own device using the drop down menu below the header on my store page.

p.s. Did you watch the Apple Event? I’m pretty excited about the upcoming products, and think I need that Apple Pencil in my life!

6 Productive Things To Do When You Have Nothing To Do

It happens. You have a day off or some spare time and can’t think of a single thing to do. Sometimes I’ll think to myself  “hmm, what can I do today?” and can’t come up with anything. I’m one of those people who strives to be productive, so when I can’t think of anything to do, I get a little bummed out thinking that I wasted a day.

Whether you’re just bored and looking for something to do or if you’re like me and want to stay productive, here are some things you can do with your downtime to benefit yourself:

Organize something – There is always something that needs to be organized that you’ve put off for too long. Now is a great time to do it! You’ll be able to check that off your to-do list and won’t have to worry about it looming in the distance.

Schedule your month – Grab a planner and start marking things down. If you’re a blogger like me, doing this can help heaps when planning blog content. A little time is all it takes to feel like you’ve got your month prepared in advance (and trust me, that is a great feeling!).

Write down your weekly goals – With your notebook in hand, try to come up with a couple of realistic goals that you want to reach each week. If you can get started on that goal, even better!

Clean out your stuff – As the seasons change, so can the things you’ve accumulated. Now is a great time to clean out your closets and see if you have anything to donate. Get rid of things you haven’t used in 6 months to a year. I promise, a little de-cluttering is good for the soul! See also: 5 Ways To Make Some Extra Cash.

Take a course – Learning something new is always an awesome way to spend your day. Check out some of the classes on Skillshare to expand your knowledge about design, photography, art, business, or whatever else floats your boat. I wrote a post a little while ago about the best courses for creatives. (p.s. you can also sign up for my blogging course here!)

Prep some Instagram photos – I’m a big fan of taking handfuls of photos for Instagram all at once. It saves time posting during the week and helps you stay on top of growing your audience on there. Check out my post about re-imagining your Instagram profile for some inspiration! Oh, and feel free to follow me!

What are some things that you would add to this list?

Editor’s note: this post was updated and originally published on 05/15/2015

No Money? No Problem! 5 Ways To Make Some Extra Cash

Sometimes you need a little extra cash in a pinch. We’ve all been there. Whether it’s for bills, school, entertainment, or a special something you’ve had your eye on, there is no shame in getting a little creative to pad your wallet. Luckily, there are tons of ways to make money that only take a little time, skill, and desire.

Clean out your closets

If you’re anything like me, you have at least a few pieces of clothing that you no longer have the need for, piles of craft fabric or household items that have never been touched. Take some nice photos of that stuff and get listing! Local classified sites or Facebook groups might be able to help you unload it without worrying about shipping costs, but if you want a larger range of people to see your goods, why not think about posting them to eBay or starting an Instagram sale?!

See also: How to Start an Instagram Sale

Get crafty

Designing and creating your own products might not appeal to everyone, but if you have a little bit of an artistic side, you can always try your hand at making a lucrative little side job. In the early days of this blog, I created Wonder Forest retro plush animals, which later evolved into designing and selling prints, greeting cards, and more. Online marketplaces like Etsy can help build your reach and local craft sales can help pay for your Christmas gifts!

Pet sitting

When families go away, their pets still need to play! Offering your pet sitting services to family and friends really doesn’t take a lot of skill and can quickly add some dollars to your wallet. If you’re really serious about it, you can sign up on sites like Rover or Trusted House Sitters and get listed in their safe pet/house sitting databases!

Tutor someone

Tutoring isn’t just for school work, it’s also a highly requested service for music lessons. If you are skilled in the academic department or with a particular instrument, teaching those skills to someone else could easily put an extra $30-$40 an hour into your pocket!

Buy to resell

This one takes a little bit of cash to begin with, but you could see a better reward! Stalk some local thrift shops, yard sales, or markets and buy items that you believe you could resell for more profit. A $60 dining set I once purchased at a yard sale resold for $200 on a classified site. If you have a keen eye for value, use that to your advantage and pick up items for the single purpose of selling them again for more money.

These are just a few ways to make extra money that could also potentially lead to a regular little part time income! Just remember: you are good at something, so use your potential to see it pay off…. literally!

Seeking: New Contributors / Guest Posters

I’ve thought long and hard about the direction of this blog, and I have some bigger ideas brewing. A while ago, I took on a few contributors who added monthly doses of fresh content to the site. Many of those contributors went on to create names for themselves and took their own blogs to larger, full time levels. I couldn’t be more proud of each of those girls!

With that said, Wonder Forest is currently seeking some dedicated writers and content creators to contribute to the blog. If you are a blogger, writer, or photographer, you might be interested in showcasing some of your talents here!

I am looking for contributors and guest posters for the following types of content:

  • Travel and places (Photography, Guides, Exploration)
  • Projects (Fashion, DIY, Organization, etc.)
  • Self Improvement (Health, Lifestyle, Advice and Tips)
  • Career and Business (Tips, Hacks, Advice)
  • Artists and Designers for Tech Tuesday downloadable content

Our new motto: Create, Explore, Inspire. I love providing topics that help others and inspire them, and would love to see what you might be able to bring to the table.

If you are interested in applying, visit the contribute page here.

How to Avoid Blogging Overwhelm

This guest post was contributed by Rebecca Viner of Autumn Leaves Blog

Blogging is exciting. Blogging is fun. Blogging can be fascinating. But sometimes blogging is just overwhelming. It gets to be too much, because there’s so much advice out there, so much to consume and so many must-have products/services that will “enhance your blogging experience”. It’s so hard to know who to listen to and what advice to take, so today I’m sharing my top tips for avoiding any overwhelm to bring back what blogging is supposed to be about – the passion, whatever that is to you.


Whether you find your blogging BFF, a small community like a Facebook group or Twitter chat, or you work with a coach (like me!), these people will help you get clarity and stay focused. With so many strategies you supposedly must put in place to be a “successful” blogger, no wonder you often find yourself lost. So turning to a small group of people or as a 1:1 to get another perspective can be a real game changer for avoiding overwhelm. Even if you just jump on a video call or post a comment asking a question for some help, letting others know what you’re working on / want to achieve will encourage you to keep going. It’s so easy to stay in a bubble as a blogger, stressing ourselves out as we consume more and more content, but building relationships with others in our industry will help us to see clearer and work more effectively towards our goals, whether they’re personal or blog/biz related.


Two blog/biz things I love – auditing and categorizing. I’m totally into having a good organization system, and free tools like Pocket, Bloglovin’s categories, Pinterest’s secret boards and Twitter’s lists make managing content so much easier. If you’re beginning to feel overwhelmed, then embracing these SIFL features will make the world of difference. Perhaps you’re interested in reading a post or trying out a recipe/DIY/craft but it’s not quite the right time, so just add it to one of these tools for another time. Or, maybe something stands out to you in a list and you want to make sure you re-visit it. Make it a monthly or quarterly task on your list though to go through all of these and delete them all. If you’ve not found time to read it/try it, chances are you’d probably forgotten all about it and aren’t that bothered after all. This brings us on to…


Whether you’re creating or curating, always have it clear in your mind what you’re looking for. Mindless scrolling through feeds only increases our overwhelm, so focus on a specific topic or idea. If you do come across something interesting, use one of your SIFL features, but don’t click through or you’ll totally lose your train of thought and end up way off topic. Being purposeful at all times will get you miles ahead as a blogger – it will enable you to create awesome content exactly for your ideal reader, it will help you with your self development and it will prevent any sort of bloggers’ block.


It’s easy to fall in love with a blog and want to connect with the blogger on every platform, but this could be one of the main reasons you feel overwhelmed when you go to scroll through your feeds. So whether you’re about to follow someone, or you’re going through who you’re following, ask yourself this, “is the person posting the same content on every platform, and if so which is my favourite platform to follow them on?”. If they only ever share blog post photos on IG, then as nice as they are, perhaps you don’t need to be following them – you already get to see the photos when you read the posts. If they share the same curated content on Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook then you’re seeing that piece of content 2x more than you need to… especially if the headline didn’t make you want to instantly click or save it for later the first time you saw it. Always be looking for that something different with everyone you follow. Perhaps you enjoy the curated content they share on Pinterest and their personal clips on Periscope, or you like to read about their skills on LinkedIn and see examples on Instagram. No blogger would ever expect you to follow them on every platform, and you’re just adding to the noise on your feeds by doing so.


With way too much subconscious pressure being put on bloggers to make something more of their hobbies, I speak to so many people who just feel like they don’t get to be themselves anymore and have lost the enjoyment. Never, ever feel like you have to follow any trends or that anyone is forcing you to monetize/not monetize. Do whatever it takes to bring back or keep your passion for the blog you started exactly for that reason. If you love creating products for people, then there’s nothing wrong with making a little cash from it, but if you just love writing about your day-to-day adventures, I promise you don’t have to do anything else. But if you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t make yourself read/watch anything about a direction you don’t wish to head in (even if it is from your favourite blogger – you honestly don’t have to read everything!).


If you’re a digital diva, why not switch it up to good old-fashioned pen + paper? If you usually write everything down, why not try a tool that will make your processes so much simpler? (PS, you can get a free list of 45+ tools that I love and use right here!) Refreshing your methods, whether it’s the way in which you write a blog post (maybe you photograph it first and then write, or write a list of related posts even before you’ve written the first one) can make things more fun and interesting, taking away any overwhelm.


If you’re feeling under pressure to do the same as everyone else, then stop, think and do the opposite. If you think you’re feeling overwhelmed, imagine the person who sees your “review” of the same product everyone else has already shared. They’re going to feel more overwhelmed and probably more under pressure to share their thoughts on it. But that’s no good, it’s not unique and it’s not exciting. Whatever doing the opposite means to you, you’re more likely to stand out, stop adding noise to the crowd and release the pressure on yourself.

Avoiding overwhelm is about two things –
– Bringing back the enjoyment into what you’re doing
– Creating systems and organization that works for you

Once you’ve found these, you’ve just got to remember to re-evaluate them every time things get a little too much. As bloggers, we need to remember why we started and embrace the way we’re headed, but without comprising our own beliefs and goals along the way. We don’t have to follow anybody else to get to where we want to, we have our own learning journeys ahead of us.

Rebecca Viner is a creative coach and infopreneur, helping bloggers like you to get the clarity you’ve been longing for by listening, serving and leading. Within her Pursuit to Action coaching, the client is the agenda and transformation is the objective. Book your FREE 2 hour discovery session now!

Let’s connect: Website | Twitter | Pinterest

How To Contour Your Nose To Make It Smaller

Oh my gosh, I love makeup. I love playing with different looks, creating wearable art with different colours, and transforming features without going under the knife. We all have those features that aren’t really our favourites, but I’ve found that working with them instead of against them can really boost your confidence.

My nose has always been one of those things that I would have gladly been born without — well, not without, but with a different one… you know what I mean!  Although I’ve come to embrace it, I still find it satisfying to give myself a little faux makeup plastic surgery by using some simple contouring techniques. I’ve been doing this for a while now and feel like it’s transformed the structure of my face, and quite honestly it makes me feel good, so I wanted to share my tricks!

Top photo

Step 1: I will be using the Anastasia Contour Kit for this. Choose a colour that matches the undertones of your skin well.

Step 2: Starting under the beginning of your brow, draw a line straight down towards your nostril. The more you bring this line in towards the center of your nose, the thinner your nose will appear.

Step 3: This photo is just showing you to bring it all the way down to the tip! Do this on both sides.

Step 4: Brush the dark contour share under the tip of your nose. This will help turn it up and make it appear a little shorter.

Bottom photo

Step 5: Blend! Blend that line right up into your eye socket, and in with your existing eye shadow so it looks natural.

Step 6: Blend the lines downwards in small motions. I like to drag it along the top of the bend in where my nostril begins, leaving my nostrils alone.

Step 7: Grab a light concealer. I’m using L’Oreal True Match concealer.

Step 8: Draw a line from the top of your nose to the tip, and add a little concealer to the bottom of your forehead as well.

Step 9: Blend! Use a damp Beauty Blender for a nice finish. You can dab the concealer lightly over the darkened areas to make sure it all blends nicely and to lighten any areas that are too dark.

I do recommend adding a little bit of contour colour or bronzer to other areas of your face, like under your cheekbones and around your forehead, so that the darkened areas of your nose don’t look out of place!

I hope you like the result and would love to know if you try it!

Your Blogs Reviewed: Session 5!

It’s been a while since I sat down to do another blog review video, so I hope you don’t mind! As usual, I chose a few blogs from my Twitter hashtag #ReviewMeDana and decided to give them a few tips that could help improve the overall look or functionality of their sites.

Click here to watch or press play below!

I hope you enjoyed this session and possibly learned a thing or two?! Love you guys, keep sending your links to #ReviewMeDana for a chance to be included (not in comments here please!).

How to Differentiate Yourself From Other Bloggers

In a sea of blogs, it can sometimes be a challenge to stand out and separate yourself from the pack. If you don’t want to blend in, you’ll need to think about your blogging strategy a little bit. It’s all about finding what makes you unique and using that to your advantage.

First, you need to let go of the idea that you have to do what everyone else is doing. While it can be useful to have a handful of sites you favor for inspiration, you still need to find that special something that sets you apart. All top bloggers have their own personalities fused into their work, or a certain style that they’ve developed which is recognizable by their followers. With a little bit of planning, you can do the same.

The photos you take and share can be one way to do this. Keeping the style or design of your graphics/photos similar in each of your posts will help make your site a little more cohesive and pulled together. For example, I use a heading photo that is vertical in orientation, the same size, and use the same fonts in each of my posts. If somebody sees one of these photos on a site like Pinterest, they might recognize the blog that it belongs to (mine!).  Your own photography style, size/crop, or the way you compose your graphic images can be totally unique to you.

Another absolutely effective way to differentiate yourself from other bloggers is to use your experience. Since we all have experience with different things, injecting some of your own talents into your posts can have a really positive outcome. If you do this enough, your readers will pick up on it and start to label you as somebody who knows all about _____.  Come up with a few things that you’re great at or have experience with and infuse those things into your upcoming posts. Let others know about your skills on your About page as well so that any new readers can immediately see what makes you different from the rest.

Your writing or post editing style can also become a trademark of your blog. Some bloggers have success posting minimal text and a lot of photo content, whereas others are known for writing long, thought provoking entries. Choose your style based on what you are most comfortable with and decide you want your posts to be read. Maybe you use a lot of slang words for a more carefree vibe, or maybe you take your time and write with a refined vocabulary. Whatever you do, don’t emulate other bloggers just because you like the way they do things. It has to feel natural to you!

Overall, the main task here is coming up with ideas that make your uniqueness shine. There is something exclusive to all of us that the world is waiting for us to share, so get out there and show others what makes you, you.

p.s. Did you know that I have a blogging course? It’s called Get Noticed and will help you become an even better blogger and be seen by more people! You’ll also learn more about using your experience and skills to really amp up your blog content. You can take $40 off the course cost for a limited time with code WONDER. I hope to see you there! Click here for more details.

Im a Single Girl, In a Tinder World

I’ve been single for just a few months and the entire world of dating has changed. I guess seven years of being off the market will do that to you!  Instead of asking our friends to introduce us to their cute friends, we can now have our choice of potential dates served to us on a shiny silver platter… or rather, in the palm of our hand through a little app called Tinder. You may have heard of it.

I installed Tinder a while ago without expectations. I was curious about it and for someone who likes to stay up to date with the app market, I needed to see why 24 million people were using this thing. I figured out almost instantly that the simple concept and immediate satisfaction was probably a huge reason for that kind of user base, especially in a world where everybody wants everything to be quick, easy, and effortless.

Science reasons aside (*wink*), this app pulled me right in. Maybe it’s my secret love for people watching, but I found myself consistently swiping and swiping just to see the next profile photo. I swiped through both girls and guys because I just wanted to look at people! Who can I find in my area? Why does everybody have a photo on a mountain or in the ocean? Why don’t I have any mountain/ocean photos?

Three things became apparent right away:
1. My life is definitely not as adventurous as most of these peoples’ lives seem
2. I really do care what my potential match looks like. I guess this app was on to something.
3. Why can’t more girls switch on the “female” match option so we can be friends too?

Swipe, swipe, swipe. I was sucked in. I am not a stranger to “online dating”, and although I’ve never met anyone from an actual dating site, I have met my past 3 boyfriends on sites like Myspace and Facebook. I’ve been through the whole “meeting in person” thing more than a handful of times in my life.  I also have a pretty good handle on avoiding being catfished, so I wasn’t too concerned about people not being who they said they were. I learned all about fake profiles in my late teens when a cute internet guy I was talking to turned out to be a 14 year old Juggalo kid from Florida. Yeah, let’s not talk about that. Plus, I’m pretty internet savvy and could probably find somebody in half an hour if I really wanted to. So, was I uneasy about that? No. What I was concerned about were their intentions.

…Or was I?  I mean, I was on an app that let me choose guys I “liked” based on how attractive I thought they were. I’ve heard a lot of complaints from females about how guys are only on Tinder for easy hookups, but what about us?  If a guy is Tindering for that reason and has been successful at doing so, they are obviously finding women who are okay with this as well.

So I started thinking about the evolution of dating and how apps like this force us to consider who our “perfect match” is.  Today, we have a revolving door of potential mates in our back pocket, wherever we go. Even if you meet someone you like, who’s to say they’re not still chatting it up with a personal selection of attractive contenders? Is this new wave dating technique actually a way to connect, or just assess your options before making any sort of commitment?  And is that such a bad thing? If our goal is to ultimately meet someone that we can start a relationship with, perhaps weighing our options is the best way to do that.

When talking with a friend of mine the other day about Tinder guys who move on from one conquest to the next, she said to me, “They just have so many more options at their fingertips. Literally.” She was so right. Dating (or hooking up) has never been as easy as it is today. In the past, we didn’t have a page full of guys (or girls) we could choose from or use as secondary choices if one didn’t work out. For some reason we now feel entitled to our batches of Matches and maybe even have the idea that they’re disposable. I’m not sure if I like this idea or not. I do like the fact that the dating pool is not limited to guys you meet at a bar or your friend’s boyfriend’s friend, but when you really find one that you like, will they like you back, or are you just another option?

I’ve always enjoyed the idea of getting to know somebody before meeting them in person, which is probably why my past relationships have started this way. You usually get to know more about them from chatting  beforehand than you would on a first date, and it takes some of the pressure off of meeting someone you might not like since that general attraction has already been established. So with that in mind, although Tinder may be just a game for some, it is also a tool to help simplify dating experiences. I’ve heard from a lot of people that they’ve met their significant other on Tinder, so perhaps it’s just a gamble… but isn’t the gamble part of the fun? 

Tell me about your own Tinder experiences. Do you use the app?

5 Things Nobody Tells You About Working From Home

I’ve been a home-based business girl for about 10 years now. With the rise in entrepreneurial goals and more women making money from home, I thought I’d share some of the things that nobody really talks about regarding home businesses. Like anything, there are pros and cons, but how you see them is up to you!

It gets lonely

Without the interaction and banter of a typical office environment, sitting in your home office by yourself all day can get a little lonely. Introverts usually don’t have an issue with this, but if you enjoy the company of others, try to get out more throughout the day and interact with people. You are allowed to take an afternoon break just like everyone else! 

You are your own assistant

Unless, of course, you’ve hired an assistant, but this is assuming that it’s just you running your ship!  All of the responsibilities will fall on your shoulders and it’s your job to handle them effectively. Wearing many hats is something I personally enjoy about being my own boss, but others might find it stressful. If that is the case, dedicate certain days for certain tasks and take care of the ones you like the least before all others.

You don’t need to work all the time

When you tell people that you work from home, they usually think that you’re stuck in your office all day long. The truth is, you can work whenever you want and don’t have to conform to any single schedule. Finding what works best for you is an essential part of managing your at home business well. Just because you are there, doesn’t mean you always have to be available. If you don’t normally answer emails or take calls after 5pm, don’t assume that you need to just because you are near your office. Set your normal work hours and tell people what they are to avoid before/after work disruptions.

You can get a lot more done in less time

Although a lot of people think that when you work from home you can choose to not work, usually the opposite is true. Focusing on a single task can be a lot easier in the comfort of your own home as opposed to a company office. You can manage your time more efficiently and get into your “zone” without typical office distractions. If you’ve ever been in the middle of a task and been called into a meeting, you know exactly what I mean! At TEDxMidwest, Jason Fried explained his theory as to why work doesn’t happen at work, and offers suggestions to make it work. It’s a great discussion that you should check out!

Your closet will become a place of comfort

Since there’s not really any need to dress up in your own home, you might start to notice that your closet leans on the side of comfort vs. trendy. Let’s be honest, us home business girls have worked in our PJs or sweatpants more times than once. This can be great for your wallet, since you won’t have to be purchasing nice work clothes all the time, but if you’re like me, you might just start to forget how to dress for any type of event ;).

Do you work from home too? What is something that you think others should know?

This is my blog about style, design, and life. I am a web designer and graphic artist from Canada with a mind that never sleeps. I ? makeup, DIYs, fashion, and I hope to inspire through words and photos.